Whatever is good for the soul, do that.
— Anonymous

The Idea

By Justine began in 2015, in the kitchen of founder, Fallon “Justine” Speaker, as a response to her personal need for quality, affordable products suitable for natural hair and sensitive skin. After tedious exploration with oils, organic herbs, natural spices, minerals, salts and sugars, Justine perfected formulas that kept her hair healthy and lustrous, and that helped soothe irritations associated with her dermatitis, acne and eczema.

Today, with mobile production in Harlem, New York and North Carolina, By Justine is a boutique, all-natural personal care company with products for every hair and skin type. Current product lines include body scrubs; body butters; hand and body lotions; and hair conditioners, shampoos and oils. Each product continues to be meticulously handcrafted by Justine with the goal of creating quality products that are good for the body and good for the soul.


Meet the Creator

Justine was born and raised in Ayden, North Carolina. After earning her bachelor’s and law degrees from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Justine relocated to New York City to practice family law. Deciding to pursue a healthier lifestyle, Justine realized her problems with hair shedding, dermatitis, acne and eczema, that she’d struggled with since her younger years, were due, in large part, to the hair and body products she was using. Frustrated from spending hundreds of dollars on non-effective hair and body products, Justine decided to take matters into her own hands; that was 2015.

Since then, Justine has mastered body products that have helped her retain moisture, exfoliate dead skin, and promote skin regeneration. She has also hand crafted shampoos, conditioners, and infused oils that fight hair shedding, support hair growth,  and help retain moisture and increase shine. After sharing her products with friends and family and receiving rave reviews, Justine decided to share with the masses, officially launching By Justine as a boutique personal care brand in 2018.

Justine continues to practice family law, and splits her time between Harlem and North Carolina, introducing people to By Justine along the way. Justine is an avid runner, social justice advocate, animal lover and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. She takes pride in creating quality, affordable products that can leave people feeling better about their skin and hair, and, ultimately, themselves.