‘Salty or Sweet’? Explore the benefits of using salt and sugar scrubs.

The ‘salty or sweet’ dilemma isn’t just reserved for snacks. We get a lot a questions regarding whether salt or sugar makes for a better scrub. We think both salt and sugar scrubs are great and that they both provide great benefits for healthy skin. Which scrub is best for you, sugar or salt, will depend on a host of factors including:  your mood, skin sensitivities, skin conditions, why you’re using a scrub, and your goal results. By Justine has a variety of both sugar and salt scrubs. Keep reading for a quick guide on what you need to know about the differences between salt and sugar based scrubs & for information about the sugar and salt based scrubs we have available at By Justine.

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Shop with us at the Postal Annex

We are super excited to announce our partnership with the Postal Annex (“The Annex”) of Greenville, NC.

While we do enjoy having a great partner to ship our products, what makes the Annex special to us is the love and connection to the community that you feel as soon as you enter the store. While it appears to be an upscale postal retail center on the outside, a quick look inside will have you shopping around for more than just postage cards.

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Nothing kick-starts your day like a cup of Joe. But did you know that adding coffee to your beauty regimen can improve the feel and look of your face, hands, and body?

Many skin enthusiasts and beauty bloggers are raving over the benefits of using coffee topically on your face and body. 

Here are 5 of the benefits associated with applying Coffee topically, that we love at By Justine:

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